Energy World January 2019

In this issue:

Optimising business energy affairs is itself a changing business, with minimising the use of energy now only part of a bigger picture.

We include three articles that describe the new reality – first from a ‘demand aggregator’ stressing the importance of on-site generation and demand-side flexibility. Second on the emergence of energy integration in which heat and electricity flows may be optimised over a multi-business environment; and third on the more volatile, complex and smart future facing energy buyers.

The issue also includes a piece on upcoming changes to energy and carbon reporting schemes; and case studies covering efficient chillers, roof-top PV and buying renewable energy.

Our second feature is training and skills. This includes articles on reskilling coal power station staff so they are able to enter the nuclear industry, and the increasingly recognised importance of inclusion and diversity in the workforce. Mainstream energy management is here as well, in two articles from people involved with training courses from the Energy Institute.

Our usual UK and international update pages are here as well, plus two opinion articles.

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