UPDATED 1 Sept: The EI library in London is temporarily closed to the public, as a precautionary measure in light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The Knowledge Service will still be answering email queries via email , or via live chats during working hours (09:15-17:00 GMT). Our e-library is always open for members here: eLibrary , for full-text access to over 200 e-books and millions of articles. Thank you for your patience.

Energy Institute Knowledge Service (EIKS)

The EIKS is the centre for energy knowledge at the EI. We provide accurate and balanced energy information to support your work or studies. We also carry out our own research and engage EI members to create new sources of information and inform energy policy.

We are continuously updating to our resources, and aim to cover topics across the energy system. This curation and creation of new resources is overseen by the Energy Advisory Panel (EAP). The EAP is made up of senior EI members and stakeholders whose collective expertise covers the breadth of the energy system. Reporting to the EI’s governing council, the EAP also manages topic-specific sub committees. If you’re interested in joining EAP, please contact us.

Examples of knowledge projects overseen by EAP include the Energy Barometer, the podcast Energy in Conversation, and our Energy Essentials Guide to Hydrogen.

EIKS enables EI members to apply their expertise to improve the energy system through a programme of engagement. We work with policy makers, industry partners, and the research community to share the views and knowledge of our members. Opportunities for EI members to engage with the EIKS include:

  • Participating in the annual Energy Barometer survey

  • Responding to policy consultations

  • Joining Energy Advisory Panel, Energy Management Panel, Behaviour Change Working Group, or other subject-specific networks

  • Suggesting topics for new knowledge projects or research collaboration

  • Joining the conversation on Twitter

You can also engage with the EI more widely (please log in for full access):

This website is a catalogue of all the information we hold. Most resources are available online, though some items catalogued here are physical resources located in the EI library in London. Many of these can be loaned via post, or excerpts can be scanned upon request. Search for specific terms through the bar at the top of every page, or browse by topic through the Collections.

The EIKS team is here to guide you to resources, answer queries, and listen to your input. You can contact us by email or chat (an orange bar will display on the bottom right corner of all website pages when the team is available).

Claire Cortis – Digital Knowledge and Information Manager

Claire is a Chartered information professional who worked for the Energy Institute Knowledge Service from 2013-2019. Claire re-joined the team in January 2022 to focus on developing the Knowledge Team’s collection of digital resources and delivering them effectively to a wider audience. Claire loves hiking and bagging munros in Scotland, where she lives.

Catherine Cosgrove – Librarian

Before joining the Institute in 1989, Catherine, a Chartered librarian, worked 9 years for Marathon Oil on the Brae A and Brae B projects. Now Catherine answers queries from EI members and the public and creates, and updates, information on the EI Knowledge website. She is a keen allotment keeper and amateur artist.

Manan Mehta – Energy Analyst

Manan just finished his master’s in research degree from Imperial College London. He has previous experience in developing devices for renewable energy and writing content about global sustainability. A point of interest for him is to understand how our actions affect our relationship with the environment from an energy perspective. Manan likes reading in his spare time, and visiting new places, and trying out new things.

Kinga Niemczyk – Knowledge Manager

Kinga studied political science and international relations, focusing on the role of energy in geopolitics. She joined the Energy Institute in 2016, after several years of working in financial services and academia. Kinga loves reading spy-thrillers and watching international movies.

Nick Turton – External Affairs Director

Nick Turton has spent twenty years in Westminster, Whitehall and more recently in consultancy advising government ministers and corporate leaders across the energy sector. He has dealt with issues as complex and contentious as global climate talks, new nuclear power and spiralling energy bills. He is now the Energy Institute’s External Affairs Director and is working to reinforce the role of evidence and expertise at the heart of the energy debate.