Knowledge Service (EIKS)  

The EI Knowledge Service (EIKS) is the centre for energy information at the EI. We aim to provide accurate, reliable and unbiased energy knowledge and act as a hub that will give you access to the energy information you need. We are here to enable you to find answers to your questions.

EIKS Library, archives and Energy Matrix:

We hold a vast array of energy information and are constantly looking to make new additions to our collection of resources – both electronic and in hardcopy. You can visit the EI Library in central London, search this site or browse the Energy Matrix.

Our knowledge development programme:

EIKS is actively pursuing new opportunities and is undertaking a range of different projects across the breadth of the energy sector. These projects are overseen by the Energy Advisory Panel (EAP).

Reporting to the EI’s governing council, the EAP oversees the activities of the EI to ensure consistency and cohesion, manages specialist networks and is responsible for the EIKS research and development.

The EAP is made up of eminent EI members and stakeholders whose collective expertise covers the breadth of the energy system.

The EAP focuses EI activities on a systems-based approach - a world in which energy is safer, more secure, sustainable and affordable. Appropriately, we direct attention towards managing risk, policies and technologies, their inherent uncertainties and crucially the inter-connectivity between the options we have to meet the challenges we face.

Engaging with EI members and stakeholders:

EIKS designs, manages and delivers member-related engagement programmes such as workshops, opinion surveys, consultations in order to access the expertise, experience and tacit knowledge of our members.

Opportunities include:

· Joining subject specific steering panels and wider networks,

· Proposing new projects,

· Providing sponsorship and mentoring to interns,

The Energy Institute provides you with opportunities to engage through a range of platforms and networks. Our regional branches, specialised technical committees, online discussion forums and events allow you keep in touch with detailed science and engineering subjects, latest policy, economic and systems thinking. These channels allow you to meet colleagues and fellow professionals, ask questions, find solutions, learn and share your views. 

Note: Some content is restricted to EI members and you should make sure you are logged-in to the group below to see this. 

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