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Frequently Asked Questions

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Some types of content in the Energy Matrix are restricted to registered users or EI members only. If you’re not able to view some content, make sure you are logged in.

Benefits  of the EI
BENEFITS Public Users Registered Users Energy Institute Members
Bibliographic records: books, reports, standards, periodicals YesYesYes
Energy Policy Milestones YesYesYes
Training, courses and events information YesYesYes
News, abstracts and article headlines YesYesYes
"My Profile" page NoYesYes
"My Library" section - save your preferred documents and searches and access them anytime NoYesYes
Organisation contact details and addresses YesYesYes
Downloadable PDFs SomeSomeYes
Full abstracts and articles NoNoYes
EI eLibrary NoNoYes

Full access to all 90,000 records in the Energy Matrix is just one of the benefits of EI membership. Find out more about becoming a member.

Q: Do I need to log in?

Full access to some records in the Energy Matrix is restricted to only EI members or registered users (see table above). Remember that you must log in to gain full access to this content.  .

Q: Is my login for this site the same as my login for

Yes. Once you have registered at, you will be able to gain access to all of the EI's membership benefits across all EI affliated sites using just your one username and password

Q: I’m still having trouble logging in.

Call the EI Knowledge Service on t: +44 (0)20 7467 7111, or email

Q. What is ‘My Profile’?

As a registered user, when you are logged in you will have access to your profile page

In this area you can update your password and, if you are an EI Member, you can also update your interests and work areas.

The profile page also recognises EI Scientific and Technical Committee members (who gain access to a secure working area) and any other subscriptions you have.

Q. What is ‘My Library’?

‘My Library’ is your e-bookshelf – here, as a registered user, you can store the documents and searches you want to keep. Next time you login, they will be saved and easy for you to access.

Documents on this website can be found by using either the quick search facility or by the advanced search tool. The quick search tool and the link to the advanced search tool are located above (in the green bar). You can also browse the Energy Matrix, a powerful search tool for retrieving energy information classified by relevant topics.

Q. How does the search engine work?

When you search, using a word or phrase, the search engine returns your results by ‘content type’ which are:

  • Published Resources
  • News and Abstracts
  • Contacts and Networks
  • Training and Events
  • Periodicals

You can switch from one content type to another by clicking on the blue tabs.

Each content type is then divided into different “Types” such as books, articles, organisation addresses, conferences or job profiles.

Q. How does the Energy Matrix work?

The Energy Matrix is a compilation of links, themes and categories that correspond to the energy value chain – moving from primary energy production through conversion, transportation and end use to reuse of energy. The categories and themes we use have been classified according to international standards (e.g. International Recommendations for Energy Statistics) and recommendations from EI members.

To browse the Energy Matrix, simply click on the category you are interested in to return the relevant material across a broad range of curated content and record types (e.g. books, periodicals, courses, addresses, etc.). In some cases, we have identified sub-categories, which help you to dig even further into your chosen subject. Sub-categories will appear as you hover your mouse over the Energy Matrix.

Q. Where does the content come from?

The EI Knowledge Service team is continually adding new, relevant content to the Energy Matrix. This content is taken from a range of internal and external sources, depending on its type. This includes more than:

  • 30,000 news items
  • 19,000 bibliographic records for books and reports – all of which are available at the EI
  • 16,000 journal abstracts
  • 7,000 organisation addresses
  • Job profiles, factsheets, periodicals and statistics.

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Information on working offshore in the North Sea, including details of the safety training, contact details for specialist recruitment companies and job profiles can be found on our Working Offshore web section.

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