Petroleum Review June 2017

This month’s Petroleum Review examines how the increased integration of IT and ‘Big Data’ is set to overhaul the global drilling sector. We also highlight a major initiative that is underway on the UK Continental Shelf that aims to improve drilling efficiency and secure the long-term future of the basin.

Our regional feature assesses the legal hurdles that Sweden is facing in trying to counter the security threats posed by the planned Nord Stream 2 Baltic subsea gas pipeline carrying Russian gas to Germany.

Meanwhile, Igor Yusufov, Former Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, provides a personal viewpoint suggesting that there is room for optimism in the energy sector and advocating a renewed bilateral energy dialogue between Russia and the US.

Moving to the trading sector, we look at how the oil trading community can manage its exposure to risk, and profile China’s new oil and gas trading centre that, although recently unveiled in Chongqing, isn’t expected to be operational until 2018.

Our environmental management feature highlights major oil spill response initiatives and the moves being made to reduce gas flaring by oil and gas operators worldwide.

We also assess how the oil and gas industry is reshaping its strategies, practices and values as it responds to global agreements on climate change and sustainable development.

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