Petroleum Review November 2016

These are challenging times. This issue we look at moves towards increased decarbonisation of transport fuels as the European Energy Union shapes the 2030 Climate and Energy package. We also examine how lifting of economic sanctions against Iran is coupled with a new model petroleum contract. Our regional focus on the Asia-Pacific reveals an ambitious energy agenda. For example, in Singapore, the key lies in diversification of energy supplies. But there are also serious legal disputes over maritime boundaries in the China Sea.

Faced with the downturn, Hungary’s MOL shares how it has transformed downstream operations and optimised upstreamperformance. While a real estate expert describes strategies to survive rising rents.

Safety first is the mantra of our sector, with learning from incidents vital at all levels; we also explain the importance of integrating risk assessments; and highlight new EI H&S-related briefing notes. Finally, we discuss the legal impact of foreign liabilities.

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