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Teenage 'Anti-Greta' to confront climate change activists at conference in America

America is about to be introduced to a climate change sceptic, Naomi Seibt, who will appear at the Conservative Political Action Conference [CPAC], this week. Miss Seibt, from Germany, has been dubbed the "anti-Greta" because of her views on climate change, which are in stark contrast to those of the Swedish teenage environmental campaigner. She calls the consensus on climate change aninsult to science, and the complexity of nature, and freedom of speech and says it is important to keep questioning and adds that Climate change alarmism is an anti-human ideology, looking down on human achievements with guilt and shame and not even taking into account the many major benefits gained by using fossil fuels as a main energy source. She  believes  that human activity is a factor in climate change but that it has been overstated and adds that it is ridiculous to believe that man-made CO2 emissions having so much impact on climate.  She doesn't like the term 'anti-Greta' is because it suggests that she myself is an indoctrinated puppe tfor the other side.Miss Seibt says that she doesn't people to panic, she wants them to think.  In an interview in 2017 Dr Happer of the CPAC said he: didn't see a lot of difference between the consensus on climate change and the consensus on witches.

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