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  • 2019 is set to be another busy year for the Energy Institute (EI) in the Middle East, with a continuing focus on sustainability.In October, the EI will hold its third annual Middle East HSE and Sustainability Forum in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration once again with headline spons...

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  • With lighting still accounting for a fifth of all the electricity used in UK commercial buildings and almost three in four buildings still having outdated lighting systems, the EI has added a new Lighting Good Practice Guide to its online energy management resources.Designed to help organisations an...

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  • Britain will accelerate its race towards a zero-carbon economy through a raft of green measures designed to cut carbon emissions while safeguarding clean economic growth. The Chancellor, offered the Governments clearest support yet for tackling climate change by pledging to build sustainability int...

  • Energy Management professionals registered with the Energy Institute - and companies needing their services - are getting busy as the UK Governments Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) gets under way again.ESOS phase 2 is now very much official with an updated version of the Environment Agency...

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  • Working with a range of partners, EST focuses on delivering practical solutions for households, small firms and the road transport sector - solutions which save energy and deliver cleaner air

  • Includes:The UK science and discovery centres - Dr Penny FidlerChampioning the people who champion innovation - Professor Saad MedhatThe women in engineering programme - Petra GrattonValuing natural capital - Addresses to the P&SC by Julian Harlow and Professor Brett DayVoice of the future 2014...

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