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  • 3M is one of the leading providers of electrical cable accessories to the power industry in the UK & Ireland, supporting markets including utilities, rail, petro-chemical, OEM and general construction projects. Covering a variety of low and medium voltage applications, 3M works closely with cont...

  • You cant miss our major feature article in this issue an examination of the first legislation to set a carbon emissions reduction target into national law in the world; its effects and lessons, and the Climate Change Act in todays world of the Paris Agreement and beyond. See page 14 onwards.Beyo...

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  • Includes:The UK science and discovery centres - Dr Penny FidlerChampioning the people who champion innovation - Professor Saad MedhatThe women in engineering programme - Petra GrattonValuing natural capital - Addresses to the P&SC by Julian Harlow and Professor Brett DayVoice of the future 2014...

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  • Working with a range of partners, EST focuses on delivering practical solutions for households, small firms and the road transport sector - solutions which save energy and deliver cleaner air

  • Led by the UK, Denmark and Germany, offshore wind energy is one of the worlds most exciting new growth industries. We include three articles in this issue, starting with a report from a wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in the Isle of Wight.Subsequent articles cover early moves towards esta...

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  • The UKs leading renewable energy trade association, specialising in wind, wave and tidal stream energy industries. RenewableUK develops these sectors, by protecting member interests and promoting their industries to Government, business and media. Members include independent companies to large inte...

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