Petroleum Review November 2018

Every mode of transport is in transition given the challenges of decarbonisation, better fuel economy and technology optimisation. This issue we examine the potential impact of autonomous vehicles, the latest developments of sustainable aviation fuels and get feedback on transport decarbonisation in the UK from EI members.

Meanwhile, in the first of our IP Week interviews in the run up to IP Week 2019, Bob Dudley, BP Group Chief Executive, explains that he sees the transition to a low carbon future as a race to lower emissions rather than a race to renewables.

This month’s issue also asks whether the global oil and gas industry has ‘seen the light’ with respect to project delivery, as numerous signs of improved project execution suggest companies are finally getting it right after a lengthy period of dismal returns on new investments.

Moving to our regional feature, we highlight how the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand are looking to use imported LNG to offset domestic natural gas reserve decline. Meanwhile, the Asian Development Bank has been helping finance projects aimed at improving security of supply, increasing the use of renewables, improving energy efficiency and upgrading power transmission and distribution networks in the region. In 
addition, we look at the potential role of low-temperature geothermal power and other initiatives in Japan’s energy mix, and assess South Korea’s radically reformed energy policy.

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