Testing advanced mobility solutions with global start-ups

BP and RocketSpace, founders of the Mobility Tech Innovation Collaborative, are looking to shape the future movement of people, goods, and services in collaboration with global mobility and smart transportation industry leaders. They have selected four start-ups from Israel, the UK and US to test and explore partnerships with Avis Budget Group, IBM and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Technological advances in electrification, autonomous driving and connected cars are among the many emerging drivers transforming travel for consumers and businesses.

The start-ups represent a technologically diverse group of advanced mobility technologies, from advanced parking solutions to artificial intelligence (AI) driven fleet management, electric vehicle (EV) fleet planning and simulated reality. ‘There will be multiple real-world proof-of-concept (PoC) opportunities to test these products with corporates that could lead to expanded pilots, future partnerships or investments,’ report BP and RocketSpace.

BP recently invested $5mn in FreeWire, a manufacturer of mobile rapid charging systems for EVs, following its participation in the Mobility Tech Innovation Collaborative.

After reviewing hundreds of start-ups from around the world, the start-ups selected to pursue PoCs with the industry leaders are:

  • Immense Simulations (Milton Keynes, UK) – Immense is developing a software platform for ‘intelligent mobility’ using simulation to make fast informed decisions associated with the movement of people and goods around the transport system.
  • Parkofon (Alexandria, Vancouver, US) – Parkofon is an automated parking payment and guidance platform based on innovative GPS-based technology and Big Data analytics.
  • Spark (Cambridge, UK) – Spark’s AI-based journey prediction software uses machine learning to help EVs go further between charges using live data from the vehicle, driver and atmospherics, in a move to overcome ‘range anxiety’ and encourage greater adoption of EVs.
  • Fleetonomy (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Fleetonomy offers AI-based solutions to enable fleet owners, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and mobility service providers to maximise their fleets by enhancing efficiency, generating more insights from their data, and creating new revenue streams by operating new smart mobility services.

‘I see RocketSpace as a win-win for everyone involved. For start-ups, it provides the opportunity to work with BP to test their products and services in our environment. For BP, we get to experiment with new products and services that could help us transform mobility and ensure we are positioned to meet the needs of customers now and into the future,’ comments Roy Williamson, Vice President, BP’s advanced mobility unit.

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