Petroleum Review October 2018

In the oil and gas sector they say only three things are inevitable – death, tax and decommissioning. In this issue we look at the
latest developments in the latter, given the imminence of a new wave of decommissioning in the North Sea, and further afield in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, West Africa and elsewhere. Innovative technology and tailored business approaches could be key to reduced costs and success.

Meanwhile, Germany’s grand plan for the energy transition and reduced greenhouse gas emissions appears to be a potent mix of
hit or potential miss initiatives. We also look at how the European Union’s ambitious vision for continent-wide energy clusters could offer more security in supply of gas, electricity and to a lesser extent oil.

However, Brexit throws a long shadow over some of the most interesting cross-border/ carbon capture and storage (CCS) CO2 network projects. On the digital front, we assess how artificial intelligence could have a major impact on making our industry sector an ever-safer place to work.

We also highlight the Energy Institute’s latest work on a high-level framework for process safety management; and the latest IP test methods.

As a final note, we welcome feedback on the news or articles in this issue.

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