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Energy World November 2016

Energy networks – electricity, natural gas, heat, even hydrogen pipelines – connect sources to users. Four articles on networks make up the first main theme of this issue – looking at the development of network technologies and the architecture required to meet evolving generation and energy user patterns.

First, the Energy Technologies Institute examines changes being planned and made to UK electricity networks as decarbonisation of generation leads to power networks taking more of the overall energy loads. In a related area, authors from the Boston Consulting Group illustrate what ‘smart’ electricity grids are really about in technology terms. We also include articles on new power interconnectors being built in Eastern Europe; and how new heating networks could be successfully developed in the UK.

The issue then includes articles on some of the issues around energy used in transport. Marc Height’s report from Germany’s freight transport industry looks at efforts being made to cut carbon emissions from the whole shipping, road transport and ‘last mile’ chain of goods delivery. Two further articles describe the likely growth of automated vehicles on UK roads, and the relationship between road transport and urban air quality.

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