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Petroleum Review January 2011

Climate change has once again been placed at the top of the energy industry’s agenda, with the UN Climate Change Summit in Cancun due to close as Petroleum Review went to press. Large-scale financing is needed to enable developing countries to mitigate the impacts of climate change and in this month’s issue we look at whether capital markets can bridge what is a yawning gap between the current level of climate change finance available and the amount actually required by developing nations. We also review recently developed guidelines for carbon capture and storage (CCS) that aim to speed up the large-scale deployment of CCS projects. Moving to the E&P sector, the magazine sums up some of the latest development trends and innovative solutions the industry is utilising to produce from oil and gas in some of the harshest and remote environments around the globe, and addresses the move from digital to integrated oil fields in a bid to tackle emerging operational challenges. We also look at oil shale developments in Canada, the US and Poland.

Issue details

Journal title: Petroleum Review

Publisher: Energy Institute

Subjects: Research and development - Exploration and production - Shale gas - Carbon capture, transportation and storage -

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