Ofgem shortlists five new electricity interconnectors

Ofgem has announced five proposed interconnector projects that could, together with the ElecLink and Nemo projects already assessed by the regulator, increase the number and capacity connections between the electricity grids of Great Britain and Europe. The seven projects could provide up to 7.5 GW of additional electricity capacity in Great Britain, and investment of up to £6bn.

If approved and built, the proposed new interconnectors would connect the GB electricity network to France, Ireland, Norway and Denmark and would improve security of energy supply. They include links from two points on the south coast of England to France; Pembroke in South Wales to the Republic of Ireland; Blyth in Northumberland to Norway; and Lincolnshire to Denmark.

The projects will now move to the initial project assessment stage of the process, where Ofgem will assess their impact, how they interact and whether they are likely to be in the interests of GB consumers and deliver value for money. If successful, work on some of the projects could start as early as 2016, says the regulator, although completion is more likely in 2019–20.

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