Office for Nuclear Regulation Strategy 2015 to 2020

The Energy Act 2013 provided for the creation of ONR as an independent, statutory regulator of nuclear safety, security, and conventional health and safety at nuclear sites. We came into being as a Public Corporation on 1 April 2014. I am pleased to present this first strategy, which provides vision and direction for ONR and nuclear regulation for the next 5 years, and meets our statutory obligations to have our new strategy in place by 1 December 2014. Our duty is to secure stable and sustainable nuclear regulation, building on the foundations that we put in place for this in preparing for our incorporation. Our vision for ONR over the lifetime of this strategy and beyond is to be an exemplary regulator that inspires respect, trust and confidence. 

We want to be acknowledged as a first class organisation by our peers and stakeholders.

We will focus on three key strategic themes to deliver our vision:
- Influencing improvements in nuclear safety and security
- Achievement of our vision through ONR’s people
- Inspiring a climate of stakeholder respect, trust and confidence.

Policy milestone details

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