Midata project - consumer energy data

The Midata project works with businesses to give consumers better access to the electronic personal data that companies hold about them.

All parties agreed to take forward the Midata project by focusing on:

  • The importance of providing consumers and trusted third parties (with consumers’ permission) with secure automated access to the correct data from their energy suppliers, allowing them to make more informed choices including switching, energy efficiency, access to government support and identifying ways to cut their bills;

  • Taking forward this project through an implementation group which will identify barriers, develop options and solutions, and;

  • Making tangible progress on an implementation timetable to be reported back at a second roundtable in September.

Last Wednesday’s agreement on the collective desire to make progress with automated access is an important milestone for consumer empowerment and shows the benefits of collaborative working by all stakeholders in the energy sector.

Policy milestone details

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