Suitability of multistage enthalpy extraction technology for power plants in Pakistan. Malik, A.; Naveed, S.; Nawaz, Z. Journal of the Energy Institute, Volume 80, Number 3, September 2007 , pp. 149-152

Multistage enthalpy extraction technology (MEET) provides an improvement in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) technology and offers an attractive alternative of conventional pulverised coal and natural gas power generation. It certainly improves efficiency and allows better emission compliance. Although the operating cost of IGCC is low, high capital costs threaten its competitiveness. Improvements in turbine design and gas clean-up system have been the focus of studies to make it economical. The competitive nature of power generation industry has so far threatened IGCC technology. For a country such as Pakistan where generation of electrical energy is of major concern, all options including effective coal utilisation need to be pursued. The option of employing MEET is worth considering, which offers considerable process improvement and allows the utilisation of a variety of coals. Multistage enthalpy extraction technology (MEET) technology is briefly discussed here along with its suitability for the Pakistani energy situation.

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