Patrick, A. Wind energy endures a gale of hostility. Daily Telegraph. 26/03/2005

The 30 turbines at Scroby Sands can produce enough electricity for 41,000 houses and should cut 75,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year, proving wind to be the morally pure form of energy. But as wind more expensive than other forms of power, its advantages may have been overstated says the Renewable Energy Foundation. Electricity generation is the single biggest cause of the emissions because coal-fired power stations are pollutive. To promote wind farms the Government created a clever scheme whereby power utilities are required to generate part of their electricity through renewable sources. The present rate is 4.3pc, and will rise to 15pc by 2015. Utilities without wind farms and other clean sources of power can meet the obligation by buying credits from those who do which is the most important force behind Britain's rapidly growing wind farms. According to a study published by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the only forms of electricity more costly are wave power and chicken manure witht wind power 70pc more expensive than nuclear or gas. Offshore wind farms, like the one at Scroby Sands, are two and a half times as expensive because of higher construction costs.

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