CHP and district heating: Meet the energy gap by making use of 'waste' heat from power stations. John Amos. Energy World. November/December 2004 P. 18-19

It does seem ridiculous, given falling supplies of UK-sourced coal, oil and gas, to watch large electricity generating stations continue to discard half or two thirds of their fuel input energy to the environment as ‘waste’ heat. Indeed, the heat lost at power stations (and, to a lesser extent in electricity transmission lines) could go a long way towards meeting the heating needs of all UK buildings. Against this background, John Amos, Electrical Engineer and Energy Specialist with Hoare lea, argues that government objectives to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide will never be met without a campaign to harness discarded heat. And that points to a massive increase in the use of combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating.

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