Expert systems aid plant operation managers. T.E. Ayral, D.E. Stahl and M.C. Glidewell. Hydrocarbon Processing, November 1998, 77(11), 115--119.

The use of expert system process advisors is recommended for solving problems encountered by oil company management. The expert systems provide advice on process variables that are not under closed-loop control. Examples are louvre adjustment, turning fans on and off, opening bypasses, calalyst addition and removal, and offsite purchases of utilities such as steam, fuel-gas hydrogen and electricity. Application of the recommended approach is described for seven different operating plants. These are, reducing the number of console operators, flaring flue gas, mechanical reliability, emergency shutdown, hydrocracker/ethylene feed allocation, improving hydrogen utilization in the production of reformulated gasoline, and distillation column problems. 3 refs.

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