Natural gas---the Cinderella hydrocarbon. J. Peters. J. Can. Petrol. Technol., December 1998, 37(12), 3--8 (3 pages).

Natural gas development is reviewed from early disappointments when it was discovered instead of crude oil, up to current times when it has become an important alternative to liquid fuels and coal. Natural gas feedstocks for petrochemicals and fertilizers are also important commercial developments. Dehydration of natural gas to prevent hydrate formation in well tubing and pipelines is discussed and hydrophilic chemicals such as glycol and methanol are recommended as water scavengers. Removal of CO2 and H2S and distillation of condensate into component hydrocarbon fractions are discussed. Turboexpander plants use a combination of absorption and cryogenic distillation processes to recover ethane from natural gas.

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