FCC riser unit operated in the heat-transfer mode---kinetic modelling. A. Blasetti and H. de Lasa. Ind. Engng. Chem. Res., August 1998, 37(8), 3223--3229.

A pilot plant unit called Multicrackex is described and illustrated. The design is based on an up-flow reactor or riser operating in a heat exchange mode with a fluidized bed of hot catalyst in the regenerator. This design promotes heat transfer between regenerator and reactor. These are made of Inconel 601 steel. Advantages of the Multicrackex design over conventional adiabatic risers are described. Results show better control of riser/regenerator temperatures and it is possible to process heavier hydrocarbon feedstocks. Modelling, mass and energy conservation, and kinetic parameters are described in mathematical terms. 15 refs.

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