Novel approach to lubrication of enclosed gears on-board heavy mining equipment. Samman and S.N. Lau. NLGI Spokesm., March 1996, 59(1), 7--17.

Development of enclosed gear fluids (EGF) for heavy mining equipment is described. An electric rope shovel, gear case capacities, and a hoist gear case are described and illustrated. ISO 1000 gear oil performance is required by equipment manufacturers and oils are based on either residual/asphaltic oils or high viscosity polyalphaolefins. Results show that a semi-fluid grease meets the 1000 cSt viscosity requirement at 40 degrees C. EGF formulation studies and field trials are described and the preferred product gives satisfactory service performance. The soft grade products provides improved fluidity and adequate lubrication. Other advantages are described. Leakage from seals is virtually eliminated by using non-Newtonian rheology. 9 refs.

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