Risk perception and safety in the offshore oil and gas industry. R. Flin et al. Offshore Tech. Rept., OTH-94--454, publ'd August 1996, Health Safety Exec., HMSO, illus., figs., tables, 109 pages, Price #30 (ISBN 0-7176-1239-2).

This report considers the main types and severity of risks perceived by offshore workers in production, maintenance, drilling and services in a sample of six UKCS platforms and compares them with objective risk calculations for each platform. Relationships between perceived risk, historical accident data and attitudes to safety in offshore workers on production platforms are examined and a measure is developed for assessing offshore workers' perceptions of the type and severity of risks in their environment. Recommendations are presented and discussed with reference to risk communication and the management of offshore safety. A useful literature review comprising 110 references is included.

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