Major hazards onshore and offshore 2. Proc. Symposium. 24--26 October 1995, UMIST, Manchester, Symp. Seves No. 139, publ'd Instn. Chem. Engrs., Davis Bldg, 165--189 Railway Terrace, Rugby, CV21 3HQ, UK, numerous figs., tables, 645 pages (ISBN 0-85295-366-6

The 45 papers which comprise this proceedings of the three-day symposium cover all the regulatory, technical and management areas of importance in the development and maintenance of safe operating practice. Consideration being given to gas dispersion and modelling, fire and explosions---prevention and consequence, safety and human factors management, risk and hazard assessment, emergency relief and blowdown and venting. This volume provides a most useful reference source for this multi-faceted subject.

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