Novel approach to enclosed gear lubrication on board mining equipment. N.G. Samman and S.N. Lau. Lubric. Engng., January 1996, 52(1), 84--93.

The lubrication performance of ISO 1000 heavy gear oils in a shovel hoist gearcase is described. The oils are based on residual/asphaltic oil or synthetics such as high viscosity polyalphaolefins. Catastrophic failures occur because these oils are too viscous to creep into bearing elements under Canadian winter conditions. Formulation of a new semi-fluid grease lubricant is described and this provides adequate lubrication of bearings and gears at temperatures down to -40 degrees C. Development of the new enclosed gear lubricant is described. Ten major features are listed and the results of field performance tests are tabulated. The new lubricant is environmentally acceptable and cheaper than high viscosity synthetic oils. 9 refs.

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