Performance results and chemical characteristics of a high fraction fluid grease used in tapered roller bearings. C.F. Kernizan.NLGI Spokesm., July 1995, 59(4), 8--14.

A tribological life test apparatus is described and illustrated. It is used to study a high fraction fluid-based grease that has consistently shown very low life performance. The grease contains a lithium complex soap, a phenolic antioxidant, and a high viscosity polydiene base oil. The procedure is described and various analytical techniques are used to examine end-of-test samples. FT i.r. spectroscopy shows that high temperature oxidation of the polydiene base oil is characterized by the disappearance of OH and C=C bands and by the appearance of a C=O band. The observed tribological effects are explained by means of free radical reactions. 15 refs.

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