Stratigraphy and depositional environments of the Bakken formation (upper Devonian/lower Mississippian) in west-central Saskatchewan. D. Kasper, H.E. Hendry and R.W. Renaut. J. Can. Petrol. Technol., April 1995, 34(4), 25--32.

Analysis of stratigraphic sections from four oilfields in Saskatchewan shows a lower black shale member, a middle sandstone member and an upper black shale member. Results are described and illustrated. Seven different facies in the middle sandstone member are described. Depositional features and the geographical history of the Bakken formation are deduced from well core analyses and logging data. Results show three phases of sedimentation at different water depths. Two paleogeographic interpretations are suggested based upon the orientation of sand bodies and the distribution of facies. 11 refs.

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