Aluminium compounds in various fluids and their behaviour. J. Kis and J. Toth. NLGI Spokesm., September 1996, 60(6), 27--30.

The preparation of aluminium complex greases is described. They are polyoxo aluminium stearate compounds containing 4.1% aluminium and 40% stearic acid and they are dissolved in poly-alpha-olefin, polybutene, or pharmaceutical white oil solvents. Six different aluminium-complex greases are prepared and properties such as appearance, penetration, dropping point, oil separation, leakage tendency, and pumpability at 0 degrees C are described. Polyoxo aluminium stearates with special characteristics are suitable for use in the manufacture of products such as biodegradable greases, greases for the food processing industry, and chemical resistant greases. 8 refs.

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