Gazprom preparing to meet growth in European gas usage. V.N. Dedeshko. Pipeline Gas Ind., November 1996, 79(11), 45--48.

Operations of the Russian joint stock company Gazprom are described. The main feature is a multiple-line transmission system to carry Siberian gas to rapidly expanding markets in Europe. The pipeline system is 145 000 km long, installed compression capacity exceeds 40.2. million kW, and there are 21 underground gas storage facilities. Proven reserves of natural gas are 49 trillion m3 and potential reserves are estimated as 230 trillion m3. Particular attention is given to the Yamal region where unique approaches are needed to overcome geographical and climatic problems in producing gas from a permafrost region. The project involves multiple parallel gas pipelines up to 56 in. diameter and operating at 75 to 84 bars pressure.

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