Pressure-reducing meter bar devised for 2.0 psig systems. Anon. Pipeline Gas Ind., December 1996, 79(12), 38.

A new integrated residential gas-regulator/meter bar design is described. The 11.5 lb unit is self-operating and spring-loaded. Maximum allowable inlet and outlet pressures are125 psig and 5 psig respectively. Construction materials are described. A major component is a diaphragm moulded in Dacron-fabric reinforced nitrile driving a Delrin cam stem. The operating principle involves gas flowing through an orifice, round a valve disk and disk holder, and then round a Delrin cam stem and down the remaining length of a Delrin/nylon/nitrile orifice tube into the body outlet. Orifice diameters are available in the range 1/8 in. to 1/4 in. Meter operations are described during periods of reduced and increased demand.

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