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Climate wars

The fight for survival as the world overheats
Dwindling resources, population shifts, natural disasters, epidemics, drought, rising sea levels, plummeting agricultural yields, crashing economies and political extremism are just some of the expected consequences of climate change in the decades ahead; any of them could tip the world towards conflict. This book reveals how world leaders are likely to react.

Book details

Physical description: 23 x 15.2 white and blue spine 297pp

Publisher: Oneworld Publications

Place of publication: Oxford, England, UK

ISBN: 9781851687428

Classification: E701 -

Keywords: Climate change - agriculture - Politics - Wind power - peak oil - environmental pollution - Energy consumption - Water - drought -

Subjects: Environment - Oil - Environmental protection - Oceanography - Electricity generation - Resource use and management - Energy consumption - Wind power - Peak oil - Sea-levels - Agriculture -

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