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Energy and the new reality 1

Energy efficiency and the demand for energy services
Reducing and managing demand for energy is a fundamental part in mitigating climate change. In this, the most comprehensive textbook ever written on the subject, the author lays out the theory and practice of how things must change if we are to meet our energy needs sustainably. The book begins with a summary of the scientific basis for concern over global warming and then outlines energy basics and current patterns and trends in energy use. The book then discusses technologies for the generation of electricity from fossil fuels and then considers in detail how energy is used and how this use can be reduced in a number of sectors: buildings; transportation; industry; food and agriculture; and, municipal services. The findings from these assessments are applied to create scenarios of how global energy demand could evolve over the coming decades with full implementation of the identified and economically-feasible energy-saving potential. The book ends with a brief discussion of policies that can be used to reduce energy demand and addresses the limits of technologically-based improvements in efficiency in moderating demand and of the need to re-think some of our assumptions on what we really need.

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