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Korea Energy Economics Institute

KEEI was established as a government-affiliated research institute in 1986, and its main research are as follows:

The world presently and simultaneously faces both a resource and environmental crisis. International energy supply and demand continues to increasingly become unbalanced as populations grow worldwide and as emerging markets and developing countries realize rapid economic growth. What is more, the destruction of our ecosystem creates more frequent and abnormal weather conditions that foster environmental disasters due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Energy is at the center of all these crises. The seriousness of the aforementioned concerns remains particularly relevant to Korea since it depends on imports for 97% of its total energy consumed; additionally, 85% of Korea’s total greenhouse gas emissions are released through energy consumptionConsidering that energy consumption is directly related to the economy, it is impossible to significantly reduce consumption without creating additional problems. In order to ensure environmentally-friendly economic growth, we need to convert our consumption to clean energy that reduces the release of carbon emissions. Technological development remains key to achieving this goal. To put it another way, we can both preserve the global environment for future generations and achieve sustainable growth by both developing “green” technology and nurturing “green” industry. Tackling such issues today in the energy sector will prevent food crisis in the future and create new economic growth engines, which will eventually drive green growth in Korea. With numerous uncertainties both at home and abroad, the Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI) conducts in-depth investigations into the energy sector to overcome resource and environmental crises.KEEI bases these studies on more than 20 years of accumulated expertise by collecting and monitoring information on domestic and overseas energy markets. We will continue to make our sincerest effort to contribute to the nation’s sustainable economic growth and that advances its energy industry.

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