The Energy Institute’s Service Station Panel has long been, and continues ...

The Energy Institute’s Service Station Panel has long been, and continues to be, involved in the technical aspects relating to filling stations and associated forecourt equipment. This role has evolved significantly in the last decade, particularly with the introduction of Design, construction, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations (published jointly with the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA)). The current (2nd) edition provides good industry practice, with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Environment Agency (EA) agreeing the publication provides authoritative advice to assist industry in fulfilling legal obligations to minimise fire, explosion and environmental risks. It replaced the technical advice given in the HSE publication HS(G)41 Petrol filling stations: Construction and operation, effectively making the Service Station Panel the custodians of filling station guidance. The reviewing and updating of this publication will be an important function of the Panel in years to come. The Panel membership encompasses a broad section of those involved in the technical design, construction and operation of retail networks in the UK. In addition to representation from major oil companies and their engineering contractors, the Panel also benefits from representation from relevant trade associations (AUKOI, FEF, PRA, UKPIA) as well as expertise from industry equipment suppliers and installation contractors. The Panel remains the focal point within the industry for the dissemination and discussion of technical information, allowing for any issues raised to be tackled quickly and effectively for the benefit of the whole industry. This was demonstrated earlier in the year with the production and dissemination of Guidance for the storage and dispensing of E5 petrol and B5 diesel at filling stations, in response to the Renewable Fuels Transport Obligation, which pulled together the collective experience and knowledge of Panel members in order to assist filling station operators (both in the UK and elsewhere). The Panel continues to review when requested publications produced by standards committees governing filling station design, including those from CEN Technical Committee (CEN/TC) 221: Shop fabricated metallic tanks and equipment for storage and for service stations and the shadow BSI Committee PVE/21: Fabricated metallic tanks and equipment for storage tanks and filling stations. The Panel membership includes a representative who also sits on the Petroleum Enforcement Liaison Group (PELG), thereby providing a continuous dialogue with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) on pertinent industry issues. Contacts for SSP - Kerry Sinclair/Toni Needham (Jan 2017)

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