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British Gas has committed to reduce its carbon intensity for electricity generat ...

British Gas has committed to reduce its carbon intensity for electricity generated to its customers from its own power stations by a further 11% to 2020. The company claims to already have a lower carbon intensity than the five other major energy suppliers in the UK, with the next lowest emitting supplier, Scottish & Southern Energy, reported to be over 25% higher, and the highest emitter, EdF, having more than double the carbon intensity of British Gas. In 2007, 394 grammes of carbon dioxide (CO2) were emitted for every kilowatt hour (g CO2/kWh) of electricity generated from British Gas’ wholly owned power stations or under site specific contracts in the UK, based on verified emissions data under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, reports British Gas. The company plans to further reduce its UK power generation carbon intensity to 380g CO2/kWh by 2012 and go even further by cutting its carbon intensity to 350g CO2/kWh by 2020. The carbon intensity target will be met through continued investment by British Gas in high efficiency but low carbon gas-fired power stations, as well as offshore wind farms, as part of a £1bn/y programme of investment in gas, power and renewable energy facilities. The company is currently developing the UK’s newest and reportedly most efficient fossil fuel power station at Langage in Devon and is building what is claimed to be the world’s largest offshore wind farm at Lynn and Inner Dowsing in the Greater Wash. Together, these projects alone signal a £700mn investment in cleaner power generation.

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