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OMV is opening a new network of service stations that are ‘custom-made to ...

OMV is opening a new network of service stations that are ‘custom-made to fit the requirements of commercial transport companies’, ie road hauliers. The first three filling stations, operated under the ‘OMV EuroTruck’ brand, have now opened in Austria at St Valentin, Suben and Lieboch. By 2009, the network will be expanded to 45 OMV EuroTruck filling stations along the main central European transport routes. In addition, the new product and service package offered under the OMV EuroTruck branding includes vehicle fleet management services, routeing and simplification of administration - all leading to cost optimization, according to the company. By 2010, road haulage in the European Union is forecast to have increased by 43% in comparison to 2005. In the new EU-countries, the increase will be 121% (targeted by White Paper European Transport Policy 2010). This will, in turn, lead to an increase in diesel consumption. As a result, by 2010, OMV plans to have doubled its diesel sales to the transport industry, from approximately 800 kt (kilotonnes) currently to more than 1,600 kt, increasing its market share to 20%. The development of the new, unmanned network of OMV EuroTruck filling stations will play a key role in achieving this target. This year, an additional five sites will start operating in Austria, four in the Czech Republic and five in Slovenia.

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