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Student Member Profile: Zainab Titus

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What degree are you studying? And what inspired you to pursue this degree?   
I am a research student of Computational Geoscience at the Earth Science and Engineering Department of Imperial College London. I chose to do a research in Computational Geoscience because I want to develop more powerful models for understanding the behaviour and performance of geological systems particularly subsurface reservoirs. I wanted a programme that will also challenge me to push beyond the current limits of technology to build tools for analysing physical systems by applying advanced methods and techniques.

What is it about energy that interests you the most?   It is relevant for every field of human endeavour. This gives me the opportunity to learn new things, meet different people and experiment on different ways to advance the quality of life.

Why did you sign up to become a Student member of the EI?  I wanted to build my network and connect with industry professionals. I also wanted to leverage the wealth of opportunities presented by the institute for professional development and career growth. As a student member of the Energy Institute, I have accessed resources and news on latest trends in the industry that has helped me to expand my knowledge and remain updated on the happenings of the local and global energy industry. I have also had the opportunity to gain valuable experience by volunteering as a representative of the Institute during a conference.

Do you have aspirations to apply for professional membership or a professional registration (such as CEng/CEnv/Chartered Energy Manager in the future?   Yes, I aspire to attain professional membership of the Institute.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?   
In 10 years, I aspire to hold a position of influence where I can make contributions in my area of expertise that will shape the efforts of the industry and academia to deliver sustainable energy to the world. I see myself as an energy leader who will not only make valuable contributions to knowledge, but will also encourage and support others to do the same.

Studies aside, what do you like to do in your spare time?    
I like teaching young learners science subjects to help them understand how the world we live in works, and inspiring them to push beyond their limits to achieve individual and collective goals. I also enjoy travelling to places I’ve never been to learn about different cultures and explore the natural environment. 

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