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Student Member Profile: Mario Joao Gomes

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What degree are you studying? And what inspired you to pursue this degree? I am currently finalizing the last block of the MBA in Oil and Gas at Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University in Scotland. Firstly, my country of Mozambique (located in the Southern Region of the Africa Continent), is on its way to becoming a top ten liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier due to the recent discoveries of natural resources in the north in Cabo Delgado Province. Secondly, some prominent International Oil Companies (OIC’s), such as ExxonMobil, Total, and ENI, have already committed billions of USD of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). At the same time, more is expected in the future, with the final aim to have a positive socio-economic impact and improve people’s life. 3) Through my professional work, I am involved currently in the design and implementation of Local Content Technical Assistance Projects for the Oil and Gas Sector and its value chain, and these assignments require an understanding of how the sector operates, both in operations and strategy. I expect to acquire through the MBA program in my interactions with professors and colleagues, most of whom have enormous sector expertise. 4) Finally, few Mozambicans had the opportunity to study the Oil and Gas sector for various reasons; therefore, I expect to motivate others in my country, especially the young generation, to do so. 

What is it about energy that interests you the most?  
Currently, the energy topic is a new world for me. Through the initial readings, I saw that this is a complex theme, which involves relationships with multi-stakeholders, public and private, governments, and communities, and where factors such as politics, economy, social, technology, legal, environmental, and even ethics, play an essential role in the decision-making process, especially in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguity that the world is facing. On the other hand, seeing the trend of energy transition and its positive impact on climate change and the pressure from communities around the world for a substantial reduction of carbon emission and, by 2050, a net-zero strategic intent is also a fascinating discussion to follow up in the next couple of years.   

Why did you sign up to become a Student member of the EI? 
One of the first modules of the MBA program was Oil and Gas Economics, where we have learned to apply the concepts and principles of market operations critically, decision making, economic modelling, and field appraisal, which require further readings and a lot of data analysis, and nothing better than to connect, learn and network directly with the industry where the leading players are. The EI produces excellent quality information and provides training and career guidance, a unique opportunity for the graduates. 

Do you have aspirations to apply for professional membership or a professional registration (such as CEng/CEnv/Chartered Energy Manager in the future?  
Why not? There is always a need to strengthen our skills. If the opportunity arises in the medium and long run, for sure I will consider it, but for now, the focus is on the conclusion of the MBA program through a consultancy project, which consumes much time since there are many readings, client engagement, supervisor discussions; therefore, one step at the time is recommended. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?  
Academically, I see myself eventually, after completing the current program, enrolling further on another Master's program such as Energy Management or Oil Economics and Finance offered respectively by Robert Gordon University and Aberdeen University. I plan to apply for a DBA or a PhD program much later if the opportunity arises. Professionally, I expect to continue to grow and participate actively in the design and implementation of development projects across the African continent from where I am passionate about, which would create jobs and support poverty reduction. 

Studies aside, what do you like to do in your spare time?  
I like to read, watch movies, practice yoga, swim, travel, play basketball, and take care of the family in my spare time.