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UK calls for zero global shipping emissions by 2050

The UK government is backing an absolute zero target for international shipping emissions by 2050, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said at London International Shipping Week.

The target, which would need to be agreed through the International Maritime Organization (IMO), would be a significant increase of ambition for the sector, which is currently accountable for 3% of global emissions.

The government aims to have zero emission vessels entering into commercial service by 2025, opening the possibility for cleaner and greener Channel crossings in the next decade.

This target follows commitments outlined in the government’s 
Transport decarbonisation plan to explore the establishment of a UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE), a dedicated unit within the Department for Transport (DfT) focused on decarbonising the maritime sector.

‘As a maritime nation with a rich history, and host of COP26 this year, we are proud to be at the forefront of the greener era for maritime, charting an international course for the future of clean shipping,’ said Shapps. ‘I’m incredibly excited by the changes happening in this sector, with the speed of progress highlighted by the prospect of zero emission commercial vessels in UK waters in the next few years and green Channel crossings within a decade. Taking action now allows us to lead the charge on this global shift, creating highly skilled jobs for British workers and shaping the landscape for
what clean shipping and trade will look like for future generations.’

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