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HyNet North West and InterGen announce plans for zero carbon power plant

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HyNet North West and independent power producer InterGen have unveiled plans to create a low carbon power station at InterGen’s Rocksavage power plant in the Liverpool City region. Expected to begin in the mid-2020s, the partnership is looking to reduce CO2 emissions from the power station in Runcorn by over 150,000 t/y.

HyNet North West will begin decarbonising the North West and North Wales region from as soon as 2025, replacing fossil fuels currently used for electricity generation, industry, heating homes and transportation with clean hydrogen. The project will also capture and lock-up carbon which is currently emitted into the atmosphere.

InterGen has owned and operated the gas-fired Rocksavage plant for nearly 25 years and anticipates that by 2028, Rocksavage will have enough hydrogen produced by HyNet to move towards a 100% net zero power generation power station as the gas turbine technology becomes available.

InterGen’s Rocksavage Plant Manager Dan Fosberg explains: ‘In order to meet the UK’s net zero targets, traditional generation needs to adapt. HyNet North West will allow us to pivot our operations as we transition to a low carbon world. The proximity of the Rocksavage power plant to the HyNet North West hydrogen network provides us with an exciting and unique opportunity. As soon as the first stage of the hydrogen network is available at Runcorn, InterGen intends to modify the existing generating plant to consume a blend of hydrogen with natural gas and start to reduce our emissions… Rocksavage could be the first plant in the UK to blend hydrogen with natural gas, a step forward for the industry in the target for net zero. Once the gas turbine technology becomes available, we will explore options with HyNet North West to create a zero emissions power station using 100% hydrogen.’

Rocksavage power plant
Photo: Intergen

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