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Transport Fuels Technology update Service: Correlated papers on Transport fuels today ... and tomorrow: Year 2020

Transport fuels today ... and tomorrow? - What the literature tells us during year 2020
What the literature tells us during year 2020

Since publishing Transport Fuels Technology* in year 2000, Eric Goodger has continued to update by detecting and abstracting items of relevant news across the scientific/engineering literature.   These abstracts are included on a continuing basis on the website of the Energy Institute.   The following presentations collate these news items relevant to the methods of  propulsion shown below

A Spark-Ignition (Otto Cycle) Engines
  A1 Alternative Fuels
  A2 E10 Blend
  A3 References

B Compression-Ignition (Diesel Cycle) Engines
  B1 Skip fire
  B2 Biodiesel blends
  B3 Ammonia
  B4 References

C Jet (Joule/Brayton Cycle) Engines
  C! Alternative Fuels
    C1.1  Cooking oil
    C1.2  Sustainable aviation fuels
    C1.3  Biofuel blends
    C1.4  Hydrogen
  C2 References

D Electric and Hybrid Drive Systems
  D1 Electric drives
    D1.1  Battery
       D1.1.1  Road
       D1.1.2 Air
       D1.1.3  Marine
  D2 Hybrid Drives 
    D2.1 Air
    D2.2 Marine
  D3 References

E Fuel Cells
  E1 Road
  E2 Air
  E3 Rail
  E4 Marine
  E5 References

F Solar
  F1 Air
  F2 References

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