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China takes a bigger role at Hinkley as nuclear reactor pressure rises

There is concern at the role in the planning and construction of Hinkley played by CGN, originally thought to be only a financial partner in the project. While EDF  owns the majority 77.5pc, the number of Chinese personnel on site has been understated  and leaned   CGN’s expertise is vital in the project. with EDF proven incapable of building this new reactor on its own while CGN  has demonstrated its  record of getting this to work . EDF has struggled recently with the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) – the type of reactor being built at Hinkley Point C. The company once hailed it as a safer and more efficient way to generate nuclear power and made it their fmodel for future nuclear projects. However, at EDF nuclear power stations under construction in France and Finland, the reactor has been plagued with technical issues and cost overruns. More than 13 years after work began on the two sites, the reactors have not been switched on. The only place where the technology has worked successfully is Taishan, the Chinese site where EDF and CGN first collaborated.

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