UPDATED 1 Sept: The EI library in London is temporarily closed to the public, as a precautionary measure in light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The Knowledge Service will still be answering email queries via email , or via live chats during working hours (09:15-17:00 GMT). Our e-library is always open for members here: eLibrary , for full-text access to over 200 e-books and millions of articles. Thank you for your patience.

Register for our next EI LIVE free webinars

The growing programme of free webinars provided by the EI and its network is proving popular with members who want to stay connected and expand their knowledge during the lockdown.

With face-to-face meetings and conferences off the agenda for the time being, the EI LIVE series provides access to experts in key energy technologies and on big questions around climate change. Streamed sessions also provide advice on membership and professional registration, as well as our more formal training courses.

Last month saw some fascinating discussions. The pandemic provided the impetus for the first ever international EI LIVE webinar, held jointly by our Young Professionals Networks in the UK, Nigeria, the Middle East and Malaysia, asking ‘Is COVID-19 a threat or an opportunity for the global climate agenda?’.

Meanwhile, the EI’s North Eastern branch tackled energy challenges in extreme environments. The focus was on Antarctica, seen as a cold and barren continent, but potentially key to unlocking some vital technologies.

Future webinars will cover net zero for organisations, the hydrogen user experience, energy investment and innovation, and the EI’s Energy Barometer 2020. They are listed at

Previous webinars are recorded and posted at

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