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New heat network for South East London

Resource management and energy recovery company Cory Riverside Energy is partnering with district heating developer and operator Vattenfall with the aim of developing one of the largest heat networks in the UK. This would deliver low carbon heat to communities in South East London.

The existing Riverside Resource Recovery Energy from Waste facility at Belvedere, East London, will provide heat to the proposed district heating network and has the potential to heat up to 10,500 homes in Bexley, says Cory.

The company’s plans for a Riverside Energy Park on the site, which has been granted planning permission, will also be capable of supplying a further 10,500 local homes and businesses with sustainable heat.

Initially, Vattenfall will work with Cory on an application for Heat Network Investment Partnership funding from the government. They will also design the heat network, and lead on construction of the heat network infrastructure.

Vattenfall says it is the largest operator of district heating networks in western Europe, providing heat network services to 1.7mn households across the EU.

Meanwhile, a new consumer protection agreement has been agreed between members of the Heat Networks Industry Council to ensure that customers remain supplied with heating and hot water through challenging times. Commitments in the agreement include prioritising customers at risk, supporting customers who are impacted financially and supporting prepayment meter customers to stay on supply.  

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