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Uzbekistan unveils new 10-year strategy for electricity provision

Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Energy has unveiled a programme of reforms to meet increasing energy demand from a growing population and a fast-developing economy.

The strategy defines mid-term and long-term objectives and directions for the development of country’s power sector from 2020 to 2030. It plans to ‘deliver electrical power at competitive prices in Uzbekistan’ and ‘ensure the evolution of a balanced power sector, embracing international best practice and modern trends in the global electricity industry’.

Priority activities will include the modernisation and reconstruction of existing power plants; the construction of new generating assets using energy efficient power production technologies; the improvement of power metering systems; fuel diversification and development of renewable energy sources, especially solar energy; and legal reforms to improve tariff polices and provide for the transition to a wholesale market.

By 2030, the strategy is scheduled to deliver an increase in installed and available generating capacity from 12.9 GW to 29.3 GW, and an increase in electricity production from 63.6bn kWh to 120.8bn kWh; a planned reduction in natural gas consumption from 16.5bn cm to 12.1bn cm; and reductions in transmission losses to 2.35% and distribution losses to 6.5% (1.85x less than 2019 levels).

It is envisaged that by 2030, whilst the state will remain the owner of hydro power, nuclear and some thermal power plants, most of the country’s electricity generation plants will be concentrated in the private sector.


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