Petroleum Review February 2020

Our first issue for 2020 begins with a look at how heightened political tensions, increasingly divergent national policy positions, technological advances and shifting consumer preferences will impact the oil and gas sector going forwards. 

We highlight in particular, the variety of routes the industry is taking in the drive to a low carbon future and note that aligning investor portfolios with a 2oC world should not rule out holdings in the energy sector. 

The energy transition is one of the key drivers for digitalisation of the oil and gas sector, and the magazine reviews some of the innovations being introduced that will help the industry become more flexible, efficient and sustainable, as well as cutting costs. We also outline the realities of quantum computing that are relevant to the oil and gas sector and assess some of the business disruption opportunities. 

Speaking ahead of this month’s IP Week 2020, Dr Leena Srivastava, Deputy Director General – Science, IIASA, provides an insight to how India is tackling poverty, pollution and skill set development as the country transitions to a low carbon future. 

The issue closes with a brief review of how the plastics recycling sector is changing in the face of climate change and shifting energy policy and consumer demands.

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