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Energy World December 2019

Renewables and fossil fuels are both featured in this issue, including an article on how the home of oil – the Gulf region – is now turning its attention towards renewable energy. In particular, we look at how one large solar project is mixing fossils and renewables to deliver heat for enhanced oil recovery in Oman. 

Also on renewables – we report from Nairobi on the growth of solar PV in East Africa, both small and utility-scale. A third article discusses the prospects for generating ‘negative’ carbon emissions in the UK through the use of carbon capture with bioenergy schemes (BECCS). 

Our second set of articles focuses on the continued use of coal and gas in Southeast Asia; the rather negative side-effects of diesel-fuelled generators in developing countries and new energy carriers to replace coal and oil in industrial and transport sectors. 

This issue also contains a round-up of the winners of the EI’s own annual Energy Awards, starting on page 26. 

One more article looks at the major and growing energy users that are computer datacentres around the world – new cooling technologies may be on hand to reduce their impact. 

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