Energy World November 2019

Cooling, plus heat – thermal energy – is the first theme of this issue, in which Toby Peters raises several questions about the feasibility and environmental costs of providing cooling for all (see page 18). We also include two articles on district heating: one describing innovative UK schemes that aim to reduce their carbon content, while the second illustrates how China is converting some coal-fired district heating schemes to gas on the way to lower carbon alternatives. Another article looks at heat decarbonisation from UK consumers’ point of view.

Transport is the second theme. First, we look at early moves being made towards the electrification of shipping, initially for coastal and river vessels, and then oceangoing cargo transporters. A second article takes a new look at hydrogen – particularly the scope for this gas, together with fuel cells, to power road freight vehicles and shipping.

Two further articles cover changes being made to energy, particularly electricity, networks – the use of artificial intelligence to optimise operation, and the development of flexibility services.

The usual international and UK news updates, plus two opinion pieces, complete the November issue.

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