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Petroleum Review September 2019

This month’s magazine looks at what climate change means for oil and gas company investors and outlines some of the practical options they need to respond to. Sticking with the energy transition theme, we highlight various hydrogen initiatives, which are receiving strong support from governments and businesses globally, and present a programme that aims to demonstrate that the UK gas grid can be converted to hydrogen technically, safely and economically. We also look at how digitalisation is core to acceleration of the energy transition.

Our regional feature this month focuses on Latin America, which contains both immense oil and gas potential and an eyewatering collection of risks. After a quick whistle-stop tour of prospects in Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Guyana, Argentina and Colombia, articles drill down into recent developments in Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, and Brazil.

The magazine also includes a Q&A with the EI’s new President, Steve Holliday, who presents his vision for the Institute and the role it can play in helping the industry to decarbonise and become more diverse. 

Issue details

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Journal title: Petroleum Review

Publisher: Energy Institute

Countries: Venezuela - Bolivia - Mexico - Guyana - Argentina - Colombia - Ecuador - Trinidad and Tobago - Brazil -

Content in this issue:

    Hydrogen prospects - Article

    Creating the cognitive enterprise - Article

    Green hydrogen development from a systems perspective - Article

    Global crude oil voyage losses remain steady - Article

    New look profile - Article

    Confronting a toxic legacy - Article

    Understanding demand – the value of industrial process mapping - Article

    Refinery closure hits hard - Article

    Turning up the heat - Article

    A financial turning point - Article

    ‘We close our ears to science and society at our peril’ - EI President Steve Holliday - Article

Subjects: Climate change - Banking, finance and investment - Hydrogen - Digitalisation - Decarbonisation -

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