New concentrated solar power plant for China

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Swiss-Swedish technology company ABB has been awarded a contract to deliver the control system for a 100 MW solar energy project in Inner Mongolia province, China. 

The $368mn concentrated solar power (CSP) plant – which uses parabolic mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a receiver which converts sunlight to heat – is the first of its kind in Inner Mongolia, and one of the largest capacity solar parabolic projects in China’s 20 pilot plant initiative. It is set to save the burning of approximately 90,000 tonnes of coal per year. 

ABB’s distributed control system will unify all the plant’s production processes, including the heat transfer system, which transports the heat to molten salt tanks where it is stored, and the power block where the electricity is generated and fed into the transmission grid. The stored thermal energy can help overcome intermittency issues common with photovoltaic solar power. 

The plant is part of China’s efforts to produce 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. 

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